Be Kaler

Things you didn’t know about UX recruitment and were too afraid to ask


  • Where are the big hiring trends?
  • Who gets paid the most?
  • What are the skills most desired?
  • How has it changed in the last 15 years?

Be Kaler will answer the questions you would like to know the answers to. Be will focus on the user experience industry and how to get the most from your recruitment partner – as an employer or employee.

About Be

Be Kaler (@BeKalerFH) is a Director of digital recruitment specialists, Futureheads. With more than 15 years experience advising clients and candidates on issues relating to digital media, Be and her fellow directors have built Futureheads from a startup team of six in 2009 to a team of highly specialised recruitment specialists numbering 25 today. The firm, built around five core disciplines – project management, client services, user experience, creative and technical – has become best-in-class and is retained by clients from a broad range of businesses.

The strategic components of human capital management – recruitment, performance, talent management and employee engagement – have undergone significant changes over the last couple of years. While business leaders recognise that digitising their business has become a strategic imperative, most struggle to incorporate the right digital talent into their organisation. Be’s clients rely heavily on her to advise them on developing the right recruitment brief through to sourcing the talent that is essential to excelling in a multi-channel environment and delivering a compelling digital experience.

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