Leslie Fountain

Experience Design is a team sport


Anyone can design experiences, the difficulty lies in designing and creating great user experiences – the latter requires a variety of disciplines and skills. This can prove difficult as we see departments and disciplines fighting over ownership of the ‘customer experience’ from design and IT through to marketing and branding. But designing great experiences is a team sport requiring responsive rugby squads rather than process driven relay teams. In this presentation Leslie will discuss why UX teams should look beyond the obvious UX players and create cross-departmental rugby teams.

About Leslie

Leslie’s passion for user experience stems from a career spanning 15 years. During this time she has worked on a variety of projects including proposition development, the design of airline checking counters, cardiac out-put monitors, and information displays for the military.

Her interest in how people interact with technology and physical objects began at university with an Honours Bachelor’s degree, followed by a Master’s in Human Factors. Over time her interest in human-centred design has grown beyond simply the physical and cognitive to include emotional response, and the creation of practical business solutions. Eager to become more effective at solving business problems, she later completed an Executive MBA at Cass Business School.

As Managing Director at Foolproof, Leslie (@LjkFountain) has taken her passion for people and focused it on attracting and developing the best talent in experience design; nurturing Foolproof’s culture for inspiration, collaboration and creativity, and providing the high quality insights and business outcomes clients demand.

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